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sustainable approach
The right ideas
The right strategy
The right story
A diverse range of dedicated talent, including editors, journalists, copywriters, specialist photographers, video producers, VR specialists, designers, and social media, influencer marketing and IT specialists, develop and execute ideas that earn attention and drive business impact.
Production of outcome-focused high-impact content in a variety of formats, creating a narrative that defines the key features of a place, right from the start.
Whether it be a regional project or a single hotel, from pre-purchase, through concept and design, owners and managers are assisted all the way to finished product and marketing by the world’s “crème de la crème” in all fields.
Connecting places and products, services and people, combining our team’s experienced thinking caps with the added wisdom and foresight of the industry’s best visionaries (our unique advisory board).
A national tourist board wants to penetrate a new market or sector. A developer is not sure whether to pursue a city hotel or a beach-side resort. Who would be the ideal brand or CEO, or F&B product for your hotel? How can you get global publicity for what you consider the world’s best tourist opportunity? Ask Almont Global…
Almont Global’s unique in-house media sets the tone for the industry. Whether it be the Girlahead website or Mary Gostelow Girlahead podcast, or the “World Travel Essential” podcast, you’re always ahead of the game.
Conception and development of a powerful story-line for your destination or property, creating clear differentiation factors, enabling targeted, intelligent marketing.
Working from the bottom-line up, Almont Global works hand-in-hand with destination marketing organisations and hospitality players to achieve even the most ambitious goals.
We are entering a new era when sustainable travel is no longer an option; it’s essential to our future. It’s time to change the industry… and the world… for the better, to build back what has been destroyed, helping all the world’s travellers find increased levels of wellness, and assimilation with surrounding communities.
We think big. We hate mediocrity. Seek breakthroughs.
Step off the path. Defy convention. See what others don’t. We give you the ideas you always wanted. We help you think for yourself.
Almont Global works worldwide in the field of development and marketing support for all players in the luxury tourism and lifestyle sectors, including (but not limited to) state and federal ministries, destination marketing organisations, hotel owners and operators, travel service providers and all peripheral luxury industries.
We only work with others who, like us, truly want to make the world a better place.
Richard Barnes
Almont Global is a “one-stop-shop” development and mar-comm support in the luxury tourism and lifestyle sectors.
The company offers support to destination marketing organisations, hotel owners and operators, tourism organisations and peripheral luxury industries. Almont Global combines the assets of three top figures in the travel industry with a network of service providers that are without equal in the industry. The expertise of the three managing partners stretches well beyond a century.
Yuriy Horovyy is CEO of Almont Travel – a luxury and VIP travel management company that provides bespoke services to high-level business and leisure clients worldwide. His team organises exclusive tailor-made VIP travel to the world’s most exclusive hotels and exotic destinations thanks to the fact that Almont is a proud member of the exclusive Virtuoso network, giving unparalleled access and a wealth of resources.
Yuriy Horovyy
Mary Gostelow
“For several years, in my talks with owners and senior executives of hospitality companies, destination marketing organisations and receptive agents, it has become increasingly evident that there is a need for knowledgeable unbiased high-end advice and support when it comes to development, marketing and communication. By bringing Richard Barnes and Mary Gostelow, along with an extraordinary Advisory Board, into this equation, Almont Global offers a combination of talents and contacts that I believe are without equal in the industry” – Yuriy Horovyy – founder and director.
Almont Global’s strengths come not only from its three founders, but also from an extraordinary gathering of the world’s most brilliant brains in diverse industry sectors:
Sharecare’s VERIFIED™ solution makes it easy for guests and travel advisors to see that your hotel is maintaining the right health security measures, verified by a trusted third party.

We are proud endorsers of Sharecare and Forbes Travel Guide health security protocols. Sharecare’s pledge to endorse that health protocols at hotels are VERIFIED™ prior to booking shows a sincere commitment to helping the world begin travelling again — safely.
Mary Gostelow Girlahead Podcast is the unique insight into luxury hospitality of the world by those who know it best. Every week Mary Gostelow, known for traveling over 300 days a year from Albania to Zimbabwe, Atlanta to Zug, shares ahead-of-curve trends and talks to decision-makers. This is the indisputable tool for owners, suppliers, advisors, and all those who love luxury, with business profitability.
The insider confidential report for professionals in luxury travel worldwide. Read the stories, trends, vibes and even rumours before, sometimes long before, you pick them up anywhere else. Being part of Gostelow Report makes business sense.
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